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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

  • Two safety precautions to take when building a house's foundation

    Foundation work of any kind can be quite dangerous. Here are two safety precautions construction workers should take when building this part of a house. Take steps to prevent people and machinery from falling into the trench The foundation-building process usually begins with the digging of a trench. Trenches can be quite deep and the soil around their perimeters can be very unstable (particularly during wet weather). Because of this, there is a risk that construction workers who are working close to the edges of the trench could slip, fall into this opening and sustain serious injuries.

  • What Are The Principal Considerations When Erecting A Verandah?

    Australians who want to bring the outdoors into their home will possibly consider constructing a verandah for the additional space it will avail them. This feature not only makes it all the easier to entertain during the summer, but a well-constructed verandah subsequently makes your property more valuable too! Therefore, it is critical for you to make sure you are making the right choices when coming up with your verandah plans or you could end up with a structure that does not enhance the visual appeal of your residence.

  • 5 Questions Before Your Home Is Built

    It is helpful to have a checklist for every stage of the homebuilding process so that nothing important escapes your attention. This article discusses some of the questions that can help you to generate a checklist of what you should pay attention to just before you sign the contract for construction to start. Do You Have a Filing System? Make sure that you have developed a filing system to help you to keep track of all the documentation that will come your way when the construction project begins.

  • Two reasons to create a generous contingency fund when renovating an older property

    If you plan to renovate an older property, it's important to set up a larger-than-average contingency fund. Read on to find out why. There may be asbestos Many of the houses that were built during the 20th century were constructed with asbestos, a substance which has since been discovered to cause serious lung diseases in people who are exposed to it.  If during the course of the renovation work, your contractor comes across features which they suspect may contain asbestos, you will need to address this problem before the renovation work can continue.

  • 4 unexpected projects a civil engineer can do

    You might think that civil engineers have a pretty restricted role on your construction site, they just design highways and make sure that buildings do not fall down, right? Civil engineers take on many years of advanced training, picking up hundreds of useful skills, hours of experience and additional knowledge along the way. If you have hired a civil engineering firm just to do the basics, keep your architect from getting too creative or just to make sure you are meeting regulations, you are wasting a valuable and untapped talent on your project.

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Choosing the Right Material For a Construction Project

If you are planning to start a new construction project, you may be wondering about the best type of materials to use. About 6 months ago, I decided to carry out an extensive renovation of my home. This would involve demolishing one wall, extending the kitchen and the construction of a new patio area. I really wasn't sure which materials would be best. I consulted with a contractor and he explained the pros and cons of each material. In the end, I opted for wood and steel. I am really pleased with the end results. I hope this blog helps you to plan your construction project.